About Me

Thank you for visiting my shop!  I am an aspiring artist and small business owner who focuses on creating high quality, wearable art for others - pre-made and custom pieces. I've been creating wearable art for years and am always honing my craft.

Each piece takes from several hours to a week or more to go from design idea to completed product! 


I live and work in Northern British Columbia, Canada, am a Nurse by trade (almost 19 years) and have raised my 3 kids to adulthood.  They often give me some of my best (and brutally honest) design feedback.  I love the great outdoors, travel long and far for work and I think this passion shows in my pieces.  I am always seeing inspiration in nature. Whether I'm out in the water on my kayak, backpacking in the mountains or driving windy mountain passes to get to the remote health centers I work in, I am always surrounded by beauty and inspiration.
There is no greater pleasure then making something I love and then seeing someone else wearing it.