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Boundless Spirit - the Tree of Life

Boundless Spirit - the Tree of Life

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Wire Weave Tree of Life Pendant with Healing Copper and Pink Agate Bead - Embrace Harmony and Wellness

Discover a harmonious blend of artistry and healing with our enchanting Wire Weave Tree of Life Pendant. Handcrafted with intricate wire weaving, genuine healing copper, and a soothing pink Agate bead, this pendant is not just jewelry, but a wearable embodiment of wellness and positive energy.

Key Features:

  1. Tree of Life Symbolism: The Tree of Life has deep-rooted symbolism across cultures, representing strength, growth, and interconnectedness. Our pendant beautifully captures this essence, making it a meaningful accessory that reminds you of your journey and aspirations.

  2. Healing Copper Energies: Crafted with genuine copper wire, this pendant exudes healing energies that are believed to promote balance and vitality. Copper has been revered for its ability to enhance circulation, soothe aches, and encourage a sense of overall well-being.

  3. Soothing Pink Agate: Adorning the pendant is a delicate pink Agate bead, known for its calming properties and ability to foster emotional healing. Its gentle hues radiate tranquility, making it a soothing companion as you navigate life's experiences.

  4. Wellness Jewelry: Elevate your daily style with a touch of wellness. Wear this pendant as a meaningful reminder to prioritize self-care and embrace the positive energies that surround you.


  • Pendant Diameter: 2inches x 2.5 inches
  • Wire Material: High-Quality Copper Wire
  • Bead: Natural Pink Agate Bead
  • Chain not included


Care Instructions:

To maintain the pendant's luster and energy, gently wipe it with a soft cloth and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals.

Unveil the beauty of interconnectedness and holistic well-being with our Wire Weave Tree of Life Pendant. Whether you're seeking a piece that embodies mindfulness, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or a stylish accessory that complements your wellness journey, this pendant is a radiant choice that reflects your commitment to balance and harmony.

Experience the fusion of artistic craftsmanship and holistic healing. Embrace the Tree of Life Pendant's allure and positive energies by adding it to your collection today.

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