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Midnight Dream Pendant

Midnight Dream Pendant

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Sparkling Rainbow Black Opal Pendant - A Mesmerizing Gift of October's Radiance

Celebrate the magic of October with our Sparkling Rainbow Black Opal Pendant, a breathtaking fusion of opulent beauty and captivating colors. Adorned with a gold opal that shimmers with an enchanting play of hues, this pendant is the perfect birthday gift that embodies the brilliance of the October birthstone.

Key Features:

  1. Radiant Gold Opal: The pendant showcases a mesmerizing black opal with a captivating play of colors reminiscent of a sparkling rainbow. The opal's fiery flashes of red, orange, green, and blue create a symphony of brilliance that captures attention and ignites the imagination.

  2. October Birthstone Magic: As the birthstone for October, the opal is believed to inspire creativity, enhance intuition, and symbolize hope. Present this pendant as a meaningful birthday gift that carries sentiments of joy, transformation, and positive energy.

  3. Elegantly Versatile: The pendant's timeless design allows it to transition seamlessly from day to night. Whether worn with casual attire or formal ensembles, it adds a touch of sophistication and sparkle to your look.

  4. Glamorous Gold Setting: The opal is set in a luxurious gold setting that complements its radiant beauty. The warm glow of the gold accentuates the opal's play of colors, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and allure.


  • Stone: Black Opal
  • Metal: Gold Setting
  • Pendant Size: [Dimensions]
  • Chain Length: Not included
  • Closure: Secure Spring Ring Clasp

Captivate with Opal's Splendor:

Wearing this pendant allows you to carry the magical energies of the opal with you. Let its sparkling rainbow of colors inspire your creativity and infuse your spirit with positivity and hope.

Birthday Brilliance:

Celebrate October birthdays with a gift that captures the essence of the birthstone's beauty. The Sparkling Rainbow Black Opal Pendant is a heartfelt expression of your love and best wishes, a radiant reminder of the recipient's unique qualities.

Caring for Your Pendant:

To maintain its radiant shine, occasionally polish the gold setting with a soft cloth. Store the pendant in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and protect it from moisture and harsh chemicals.

Embrace Opal's Magic:

Experience the enchantment of the black opal's colors and the timeless allure of a gold setting. Order your Sparkling Rainbow Black Opal Pendant today and let its captivating brilliance adorn your neck, a symbol of October's radiance and a treasure that resonates with your inner light.


At Elegant Bling Jewellery, we believe that every outfit should have a touch of opulence. Our latest pendant, featuring a beautiful Black Opal and Hematite combination set in gold and silver, is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. The attention to detail in this stunning piece is unparalleled, bringing a sense of sophistication and luxury that will elevate any ensemble. Make a statement with Elegant Bling Jewellery's regal pendant and capture the attention of all who behold its beauty.
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